Desktop application

Hearsay Social, 2015


in 2012 when i interviewed at Hearsay social, they were in need of a major visual upgrade to their social publishing SaaS product. They had been building the product quickly, adding features as needed, but the design was still a series of one-off choices lacking a coherent vision.


I presented a plan to the product leadership to accomplish three things:

  1. Clean up the visual presentation layer and bring it up to a consistent quality bar
  2. Develop a style guide/ playbook so that engineers and PMs could make easy design choices without Visual/UI being a roadblock
  3. Build a library of common components so that the UX team could develop new experiences without having to rely on picture perfect comps to get their point across


Year 1: We implemented a new design framework into the SaaS product along with the first version of a style guide.

Year 2: We added a pattern library and front-end developers to the creative team to work specifically on the UI layer.

Year 3: We expanded the scope of the visual and UI dev team to cover all the product in the suite alongside regular education sessions with the engineering team on best practices of front-end coding.